IncQuery Insights Unleashed

IncQuery Insights Unleashed


IncQuery is a pioneer in providing consultants and investors daily access to quantitative survey insights. Their custom-built platform and survey engineering team help clients launch surveys and gather insights faster than anyone else. Founded in 2016, the fully remote team spans over 40 cities worldwide, with a leadership team that deeply understands the challenges of primary research on tight timelines, thanks to their backgrounds in consulting and investment. When IncQuery decided to try webinars and live production for the first time, they turned to us. They needed help with webinar production, speaker support, polling assistance, live streaming, and managing attendee access to ensure everything ran smoothly.


The IncQuery team was venturing into uncharted territory with their first webinar, and they faced several hurdles along the way. The biggest challenge was that no one on their team had experience with live streaming. They needed to get a handle on the technology and create a workflow everyone felt comfortable with. Given their fully remote setup, communication was crucial to keep everything moving smoothly. Coordinating across four different time zones for the speakers was a real juggling act, making finding times that worked for everyone tough. Plus, with some content needing to be recorded beforehand, they had to ensure a seamless transition between pre-recorded and live segments. On top of that, IncQuery had several technical needs to address. They needed assistance with external polling tools, setting up live streaming, recording content, and ensuring high-quality playback. Finding a webinar platform that was accessible to all attendees was another important requirement. They also needed help with video editing to remove any mistakes, running slides on cue during the webinar, managing audience Q&A, and overseeing the entire production from start to finish. Despite their expertise in providing survey insights, the logistics of running a high-quality webinar were new challenges they were eager to overcome.


To ensure IncQuery's webinars were a success, we took charge of all the technical aspects, allowing their team to focus on content and engagement. Our approach began with understanding their specific needs and goals. We then provided comprehensive support from start to finish. We handled the live streaming setup, ensuring a high-quality broadcast that met their standards. Our team managed the entire production, including video recording and editing, to remove any mistakes and create a polished final product. We integrated external polling tools and set up a seamless transition between pre-recorded and live content, ensuring a smooth and professional experience for attendees. We were a steady team for IncQuery to lean on throughout the process. Working off a checklist we've developed over years of live production, we ensured no detail was overlooked. We created a low-stress environment for everyone involved, adapting to changes in the schedule and maintaining a calm, supportive atmosphere. To accommodate the speakers' different time zones, we scheduled rehearsals and recordings at convenient times for everyone. We also provided speaker support, helping them feel confident and prepared for their presentations. During the webinar, we ran slides on cue, managed audience Q&A, and oversaw the entire live production to ensure everything went off without a hitch. By taking care of all the technical details, we allowed IncQuery to focus on delivering valuable content to their audience, ensuring their webinars were a high-quality, engaging experience.


The results of IncQuery's webinar series exceeded expectations on multiple fronts. We achieved excellent attendance numbers, with participants remaining engaged throughout the entire sessions. Additionally, we saw further sign-ups from those who missed the live event but wanted to watch it on-demand, indicating strong interest and reach. IncQuery was thrilled with the seamless experience we provided. They appreciated our ability to manage all the technical details, allowing them to focus on delivering their content. Their positive feedback has led to discussions about partnering on future webinars throughout the rest of the year, highlighting their satisfaction and trust in our services. The webinar series met all of IncQuery's goals: it looked professional, delivered valuable content, and drove audience engagement. This successful launch provided IncQuery with a benchmark for future webinars and live content, giving them experience and confidence in creating live content. Moreover, it helped position them as a leader in their field and enhance their market presence.

IncQuery Insights Unleashed
IncQuery Insights Unleashed

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