There's many video content options to communicate your message

Depending on what your company does, there are many different options of videos available for businesses that serve different purposes.  How you interact with your customers also plays a role in how your video should be created to maintain your brand identity.


We have outlined the videos we create most often below to explain the purposes of each video type further.


The competitive advantage


Unless your company sells a product that no one else has, the chances are that you have competition in the marketplace.


The question is: How will your business stand out?


With video content, your website and social media pages can engage customers and help them to understand why your product or service is the right one for them.


Companies estimate that in 2020, 81% of them will be using video as part of their marketing strategy.  An increase of 63% since 2019!  Will your business be one of them?


We can help you determine the type of video that you need to make an impression on your customers.

Videos created : 1,335and counting

We have created many videos, and we can't possibly include them all here for you to see.  If you are looking for specific examples of a type of video, send us a message, and we will send you a link to videos you want to see.

Corporate video

Customers buy from businesses that have values similar to their own.  A corporate video not only shows your customers who you are but also what you stand for.


Corporate videos explain your business' purpose, passion, and products or services by using on-camera interviews with key staff and B-Roll of your business' location.



A video testimonial is your business described in your client's own words.  Your client's voice can have a powerful impact on potential customers who want to work with you. 


Video testimonials highlight your business' best attributes through on-camera interviews, footage of customers interacting with your business, and a statement of why others should work with you.



A product video creates an experience for the viewer.  It should leave your customers interested in exploring your product or service further.


A product video shows your merchandise in the real world, often modeled by a paid actor.  It can be a short narrative that helps connect with your customers and ends with a direct call to action, or a tabletop, close inspection of the item, revealing it's intricate details.


Explainer video

Help your customers understand your product or service better, with an explainer video — the instruction manual for the digital age. A two-minute explainer video can demonstrate how your product works and gives customers the confidence to try it.


An explainer video is often told in a story format, laying out the current problem from the customer's perspective and then presenting your solution to solve their problem.




Conferences are a great way to share ideas but not all of your customers can get there. Event videos allow you to share highlights of your conference with customers to encourage their attendance at the next event.


An event video typically involves recording the keynote speakers, filming activity around the event, and interviewing attendees and exhibitors to showcase what they thought of the conference.


TV Commercials

If you want to reach a broad audience, then creating a TV Commercial might be exactly what you need.  A 30-second video broadcast on local or national channels can help you deliver your message to an audience of millions and drive customers to your business.

A TV commercial is often concise, motivational, and full of the most critical information that you want to share.  When it comes to TV, time is money, so you need to present everything promptly.


Which one is right for us?

Deciding which type of video is right for your business depends heavily on what your goals are. We partner with you to determine which video fits your needs best.


If you are still unsure what type of video it is you need for your business marketing strategy, contact us. 


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