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Understanding Video Production


The Idea...


Any video starts with a great idea.  It is the spark that ignites the creative process and that will eventually lead to content that will inspire your customers to engage with you. This step is about discussion and exploring ideas.




Now we put the pre-production plan into action. Our crew uses high-end cameras and audio equipment to capture everything needed for your video.  We take care of everything at this stage.




After the idea is agreed on, the next step is to write a script.  The script shows what happens, where, when, and by whom, and describes in detail what will be filmed. We will need your input to make sure that we represent your brand correctly.



The storyboard is a visual representation of your script.  It shows the style of shots that will be filmed, the flow of the edit, and the overall timing of your video.  We will share the storyboards with you to show you the flow of the final video before we start filming.


After Care


We understand that for some, uploading a video to a website or to YouTube can be intimidating.


We are happy to take care of any uploads for you enabling you to focus on getting the most out of your new video. 


We upload everything to a dedicated, cloud-based folder and share a link that allows you to download the final video file. Easy!

The file can be used for a variety of media needs, from social media to broadcast television.



This is the final step as your video image goes through a  color grading process.  This is to make sure that the colors are vibrant and that your video looks its best.



After your video is finalized, you need to review the video again to make sure everything is as it should be.


This stage is all about refinement.  We want to make sure that everything flows as intended in your video, that the edit is solid, and that the audio sounds perfect.


Sound is arguably the most important aspect of any video.  Audiences will forgive low image quality if the sound is good, but if the sound suffers, viewership will drop.  We dedicate time to make sure the audio is just right.



Some videos are 100% animation-based and others use motion graphics to help emphasize a specific point.  At this stage, we build and insert any desired motion graphics



We think video reviews should be easy.  We use a secure, online review software for you to submit feedback to us.  Here you can share your thoughts in real-time which means that reviews are fast and efficient. 



At this stage we compile a first cut of your video.  We carefully shape your story, editing the footage and adding audio. 



After we have implemented your changes, the next step is to share the new edit with you.  We upload the new version to the review software, now you can view and compare the new edit against the old one.

Fine CUT


This is the second cut of your video.  It includes the implementation of changes requested from the 1st review.



Our workflow  has been simplified so that clients recieve their video content faster without compromising on quality.


If you have a video project with a tight deadline, contact us today.  We will do everything we can to help you get the video you need within your timeframe.