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International Women's Day

International Women's Day


Our client is an information management and digital services company that serves as a pillar of innovation for over 1.4 million businesses, including 84% of the Fortune 500 companies. Their mission is to empower customer-focused organizations to adapt to changes, harness actionable insights, and create meaningful human experiences. By freeing information trapped within organizational processes, they enable their customers to maximize the potential of their workforce and realize their future visions. For the second year in a row, our client chose to partner with us to bring their annual International Women's Day virtual event to life. They leaned on our expertise to not only handle the event’s production but also to ensure a smooth experience for their audience.


Our client was set to host their annual virtual event using Swoogo. One of the first hurdles we encountered was figuring out how to integrate live streaming into this environment. Early on, our client expressed interest in offering translation for their attendees. They tasked our team with finding a solution. We dove into the possibilities, working closely with both the Swoogo team and potential AI translation providers to explore integration options. Although our client decided not to proceed with translation, this exploration was a great learning experience and showcased our ability to handle complex technical requests. While they had some experience hosting virtual events, they had limited expertise in live streaming production. This gap meant they needed our help to tie all the pieces of the virtual event puzzle together. Our team stepped up to coordinate the collection of assets, check each speaker's technical setup, and conduct live streaming tests on Swoogo. On the day of the event, our role expanded to managing the live production, ensuring everything ran smoothly and professionally from start to finish.


Preparing for our client's virtual event was like setting the stage for a grand performance. We started by diving deep into the capabilities of the Swoogo platform, running a series of live streaming tests to ensure everything from video quality to the timing of content was spot-on. These tests were crucial in helping us iron out the technical details and prepare for any unexpected challenges. Our approach was systematic yet flexible. We used a tried-and-tested checklist to keep track of all the moving parts—from ensuring all assets were collected to arranging them in the right production sequence. Additionally, we crafted a detailed run-of-show, which acted like a playbook for our team on event day, guiding each step of the live production. Communication was key. We listened attentively to our client's needs, ensuring their requests were met with precision and care. Regular updates and clear timelines were shared through emails and calls, establishing a rhythm of trust and transparency between our teams. A dedicated chat channel was also set up for the event day, allowing our client to reach us instantly for any last-minute tweaks or technical queries. For the technical setup, we paired Swoogo with Vimeo for its reliable live streaming service and broadcast quality. We also used an advanced broadcasting tool for remote speaker connectivity and pre-recorded content playback, chosen for its robust features, ensuring a seamless live experience.


The virtual event we crafted for our client was a hit, drawing impressive attendance and sparking lively interactions on the Swoogo platform. Throughout the event, we kept a high level of viewers engaged, a testament to the captivating content and smooth flow of the program. Our client's feedback highlighted their appreciation of our partnership for the second year running. They felt that the professional execution of the event represented their brand's reputation for quality and excellence. Our contribution went beyond technical management; we provided peace of mind. By taking the reins of the live production, we eased the usual stress associated with virtual events. This allowed our client's speakers to stay focused and calm, fully prepared for their presentations without any last-minute surprises. Our hands-on approach ensured that every aspect of the event reflected their high standards, reinforcing their stature as a leader in their industry.

International Women's Day
International Women's Day

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