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3 Ways Event Production Agencies Simplify Complex Virtual Events

Putting on a virtual event involves a lot more planning and promotion than just sending out a meeting invite. Even a small event takes a few weeks to put together, while larger ones require dedicated work for more than six weeks.

The complexity of virtual events makes them ideal times to call in the experts to help with event production. You won't have to worry about finding a venue or planning a menu, but there are just as many details to consider with an online event. Because most tend to be technical, some expert help is almost always a good idea.

Here's a look at just three ways event production services can make your next virtual event run smoothly.

1. Experience Counts

Event producers who specialize in online events make your life so much easier just because they understand just how complex these events can get. They can help you set your overall strategy and plan down to the tiny but important details.

Chief among those details is an understanding of cost and how to keep it under control. Virtual events aren't necessarily less expensive than in-person ones, and your production company knows all the line items you need to account for.

Their experience might also provide you with ideas for content and presentation you might not have considered. Developing unique content for the event can keep your no-show rate below the average of 35 percent, while unique content developed from the event gives you the opportunity for ongoing promotion.

2. Equipment Wrangling

Virtual events involve a lot of tech and hardware you might not have used before. Even if you have some experience with cameras, microphones, and video editing, bringing in an experienced producer ensures you have the best equipment to produce great sound and video.

A production company should also put you on the right platform and software to promote and run your event. With that should come a team of people who can manage it to guarantee the event runs smoothly.

Total tech support would include having people on the day who understand the equipment and the platform and can provide live troubleshooting. They coach your speakers and team ahead of the event to get them up to speed on using the platform and making their presentations more engaging.

3. Post-Event Analysis

A key piece of any event is collecting and analyzing metrics to show the success of your event. This involves not just knowing what to collect but also how to get the data so you have a good estimate of your overall ROI. Being able to measure success helps you know what to do and not do the next time you put on an event.

Event production agencies should have plenty of experience collecting the specific data you need to show ROI for your event. These could include:

  • Registration numbers, overall and per session

  • Attendance numbers

  • Attendee demographics

  • Promotional emails—open and click-through rates

  • Mobile app engagement

  • Session engagement

  • Session feedback and ratings

  • Social media engagement and mentions

  • Sales leads

  • Connections and networking

  • Attendee satisfaction

Looking for Help With Virtual Event Production?

Planning virtual events involves just as much work and strategizing as in-person ones if you want to do it right. An event production agency brings experience with platforms, marketing, and analytics to help you manage the complexities of putting on your next virtual event.

Looking for help with event production for your online events? Book a meeting to learn how our online workspace and expert team can help you plan and manage your event.

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