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Can Video Benefit Your Business?

If you are wondering how video can benefit your business, this short blog post is for you.

If you are expecting customers to read through your site, you may want to try a new strategy. The truth is, people, don't want to read anymore (he says writing this blog). Not necessarily because they're lazy; they are merely living busy lives and doing other things.

Enter video. Video content is a great way to get information across to the people you want to engage. I tell my clients that face-to-face meetings are fantastic. However, if you are a business owner and you want to meet with every potential client, you will find it impossible to do that 24/7. You will find this especially tricky if you are an integral part of the mechanism that keeps the business running. Video can serve as your face-to-face interaction. You are breaking down the barrier between you and the potential client, and when they finally meet you, they will say, "Oh, you're the guy from the video!"

Another excellent video idea to think about is creating video testimonials of your satisfied customers for your business. Your business may be the best at what it does, and you are always going to say as much. Guess what? Those potential customers are never going to believe you because you're the business owner and of course you are going to say that you rock.

However, find clients to say great things in a video testimonial, and the power of the message is absorbed fully. Peer-to-peer is integral in how we make decisions. To have someone say fantastic things about your business is always going win out over you, the business owner saying the same thing.

This outcome is why video can be so powerful for your company. It's worth mentioning that video production is relatively inexpensive compared to what it used to be. Is it cheap? No. However, it is very affordable for small businesses. The investment means that smaller companies can stand up against big corporations that are producing commercial after commercial and spending millions of dollars a year. Just for a few thousand dollars, your business can make its mark provided you have the right creative partner to collaborate.

Video testimonials for your business, overview videos, short social media videos can all contribute to communicating with your customer more effectively.

By Michael Lunt | Mike is the owner of Parasol Media, a video production company in Columbus, OH. He has spent over a decade assisting small businesses with realizing their creative vision for video content. From social media videos to broadcast commercials, Mike's industry experience has placed him all over the world to create content that moves.

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