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Parasol Video Develops Partnership with SyncWords.

The Leading Captioning and Translation Provider.

Parasol Video is always looking for new and innovative ways to connect people worldwide with its event solutions. Our Partnership with SyncWords furthers that goal by integrating machine-generated live captioning, language translation, and voice dubbing to virtual events and pre-recorded video content.

Our Mission To Increase Accessibility

It is no secret that we strive to create successful event experiences for event organizers, speakers, and attendees. We tell this to anyone who will listen. So when we looked around for a solution to accessibility, transcription, live captioning, and translation, we experimented with SyncWords and instantly fell in love with its ease of use, accuracy, 24/7 support, and accommodating customer service.

What SyncWords Can Do

SyncWords is constantly adding new features and improving on the existing ones. While they have a powerful ASR-driven caption generation system with 99% accuracy (which is incredible), they also offer localization services, translating English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French into over 100 other languages in real time. In addition, their human captioning team can run live captioning services for your event, ensuring the accuracy of captioning and providing a base for a neat live machine translation to any language of your choice. For pre-recorded content, SyncWords supports 11 base languages that include the most used European languages as well as Thai, Arabic, Russian, and Tagalog. Using an accurate script while applying its proprietary sync technology, SyncWords translates your VOD to any language you wish.

What This Partnership Means Moving Forward

Parasol Video has an unrivaled production process. Our attention to project flow, global online collaboration, and cloud-based tools allows us to create powerful virtual events regardless of lead time. So whether event organizers have 12 weeks or one to get their event online, we can make it happen. With Syncword's ease of use matching our speed of event production, even the fastest turnaround virtual events can benefit from this powerful tool and have a wider audience reach.

Ashish Shah, co-founder and CEO of SyncWords, said, "We are excited and proud to partner with Parasol Video. Their experience with virtual events and their global team of live streaming experts set them apart as an event production company. They have been nimble to adapt to virtual and hybrid events in the wake of the global pandemic. Their clients will benefit from using live captioning and subtitling in foreign languages in many ways. We look forward to making the world more accessible and inclusive."

Our founder and CEO, Michael Lunt, is also sharing the excitement of this partnership "When our clients come to us about closed captions, only one company comes to mind - SyncWords. We use their tool on any event looking to increase accessibility, and we love it. Their online portal is easy to use, simple to configure, and their customer service is quick to respond. They are innovating in the space daily, and we cannot wait to see what other features they will provide in the coming months!".

The Future

Since Parasol Video and SyncWords formed the Partnership, we have already integrated AI-based captioning and subtitling into 80% of our events, and our clients love it. Not only does it provide accessibility to virtual sessions not found anywhere else, but it also gives instant transcriptions of live sessions, which is perfect for event and company SEO. We are also excited to integrate QR codes into future events. It will allow us to bring SyncWords' captioning widget to more events using devices that attendees have in their hands while meeting the strictest corporate requirements for visual materials.

The team at Parasol Video is excited to see the unannounced features coming from SyncWords (though we can't discuss them here, we've seen a sneak peek, and it's awesome).

About Parasol Video

Parasol Video streamlines the production of virtual events inside a 100% online workspace resulting in a faster, controlled process focused on creating successful event experiences for your speakers and attendees. In addition, parasol Video offers tiered virtual events and video production packages to serve individual client needs and budgets.

About SyncWords

Since 2000, SyncWords has been the trusted leader in closed captioning and translations for virtual events and meetings, providing a comprehensive platform and services for both Live and Pre-Recorded delivery of captions and subtitles in over 100 languages. With integrations on Zoom, WebEx, Hopin, PheedLoop, Hubilo, and many more platforms, SyncWords is captioning and translating thousands of virtual events and broadcasts worldwide. Further, SyncWords' caption automation technology powers thousands of hours of captions and subtitles for broadcasters, OTT platforms, and educational institutions worldwide.

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