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The Value of Virtual Events in the Post-pandemic Era

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic dying down, people still demand virtual events. There are many reasons for this including convenience, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. These events and the platforms that they're hosted on aren't fleeting pandemic realities- they're great alternatives to in-person events that are here to stay.

Here, we're going to talk about why virtual events will continue to be relevant post-pandemic. Read on to learn their value and benefits before getting the basics on hosting your own.

The Basics of Virtual Events

Virtual events are events hosted online rather than in person. People can view sessions, interact with one another, and take part in activities online. There is no need for everyone to gather in one location since the stream is accessible from any device.

Virtual event production agencies are the ones who help you produce, host, and launch these live streams. This ensures that you will have a clear image and high audio quality. It also lets you add as many people as you want to the event room and use graphics to make the event interactive.

Are Virtual Events Valuable Post-Pandemic?

Virtual events were actually growing in popularity before Covid hit. The sector was already at about $78 billion as of 2019. After surging even higher in 2021, the market is expected to keep growing by over 23% annually until at least 2027.

These figures, and the fact that 72% of businesses will keep hosting events virtually in the long term, mean that they're here to stay.

the value of virtual events in the post pandemic era

Why Are Virtual Events Still Relevant?

There are tons of reasons for this. First, virtual events open the door for more people to come than in-person alternatives. If you want to open your event up to an interstate or even global audience, a live stream is the best way to draw in diverse participants.

Virtual events are also much more convenient for people who live near the event site. There's no need to even leave the house. They can just stream the event and engage virtually, which means that they can stay comfortable and save money on gas.

But what are the benefits for you as an organizer?

More people are going to attend your event, which gives you the best possible chance to spread your message. You also will have an easier time globalizing and maximizing your outreach.

Virtual events are also less expensive than in-person ones. You don't need to book a venue, hire catering, or worry about cleanup. All you need to do is hire a production agency to set up your virtual event and stream it clearly and effectively.

Work With a Trusted Virtual Event Production Company

While in-person events were once the norm, virtual events are a new and more convenient way to reach your audience. Whether you're planning a corporate event or a fan convention, hiring the right virtual event production agency is a great way to get the ball rolling. Contact Parasol Video with any questions that you have about our services and begin planning your virtual event ASAP.

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