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Top Virtual Event Engagement Ideas for 2022

Did you know that 94% of event organizers plan to host events online in 2022? If you're among them, launching a top-notch virtual event is critical to boosting your message. This means being as engaging and interactive as possible.

Here, we're going to talk about some ways that you can boost your event's success. Read on to learn some engagement tips for modern online event audiences.

Consider Call Quality

If you want to host one of the top virtual events of 2022, you'll need to invest in the quality of your live stream. A pixelated image with distorted audio isn't going to cut it. Platforms like Zoom and Skype subject users to frequent video loss and unintelligible audio, so you can't rely on conference software to run a successful event 100% of the time.

Instead, hire a virtual event production company to handle the setup for you. Experienced experts will help with set-up and functionality concerns. This will let you create an event without worrying about losing the interest of participants due to technical frustrations.

Use Visual Aids

Most virtual events should include powerful visuals This will let you share Powerpoint presentations, images, agendas, video content, and even interactive quizzes with your audience to keep them engaged. Since people process visuals 600,000 times faster than text, this makes your event more memorable and interesting.

Top Virtual Event Engagement Ideas for 2022

Have a Chat Feed

Letting your audience communicate with each other is a great way to boost virtual event engagement. People can share ideas about what speakers are saying and answer each other's questions. This keeps all parties in the know about what's happening and encourages people to think in new ways.

Make sure that you also have specialized Q&A periods after different sections of your virtual event ideas. This will give people the chance to ask questions of moderators and presenters that they were not able to figure out in their own discussions.

Also, include frequent breaks between sessions to make time for networking.

Create Quizzes and Games

Interactive content is one of the top virtual event ideas because it keeps people motivated to listen and retain ideas. If they know that there will be a quiz after the speech, they are more likely to carefully note and understand the given information. Be sure to clarify that the quizzes are friendly competitions- no one will be graded and no one will be upset.

These quizzes should be a type of game such as Kahoot offers. You can also come up with other unique games such as trivia and even specialized card games. Since you'll have a high-quality image over the live stream, you can keep everyone as involved as they would be in person.

Host Interactive Virtual Events ASAP

While coming up with virtual event ideas can be challenging, keeping things interesting and interactive is key.

Now that you know how to do this, it's time to hire a top production team to make sure that your virtual event runs smoothly. Contact Parasol Video to learn how experts can help you implement the best virtual event engagement ideas out there.

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