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Types of Virtual Events & Virtual Event Production

Even after COVID is no longer a threat, 84% of attendees will still prefer to have virtual event options. You may want to consider planning some virtual events for your organization.

If you're planning to hold a virtual event, however, you should know what your options are. With the right virtual event production services, you can host many types of virtual events, and each can serve different purposes for your organization and for attendees.

In this guide, we'll list the different types of virtual events that you should know about.

Virtual Conferences

One of the most popular and effective types of virtual events these days is a virtual conference.

Like an in-person conference, virtual conferences provide members with a variety of experiences within a single event. This could include lectures from various speakers, breakout sessions, and networking.

With the help of a reliable virtual streaming crew, hosting a conference virtually can be a great idea. Doing so can allow you to expand the reach of your event and can make attending easy for your audience.

Networking Events

While some organizations opt to have full virtual conferences, sometimes it can be better to host a focused networking event instead.

Hosting a professional networking event that allows members to communicate and build connections with each other can be helpful. These events can be great for helping attendees further their careers.

To go a step further, you might even want to host a speed networking event or come up with another unique spin on your event to make it stand out.


Webinar events are incredibly popular online and remain one of the top virtual events to hold.

In a webinar, a qualified speaker will usually discuss a particular subject at length. A webinar will usually be highly educational or informative and may be interactive as well. Usually, audience members will be able to submit questions or chat with other attendees during the event.

Keep in mind that you can host a webinar in real time but can also record it. If your event is recorded professionally, you can use the footage of your webinar as content after the event is over.

Online Training

Unlike webinars, an online class could extend over multiple class periods and could go on for weeks. While a webinar is usually focused on information and not on close instruction, an online training course may be a bit more hands-on and in-depth.

With the help of screen sharing, class assignments, and web resources, online training can be a great type of virtual event to hold.

Understanding the Main Types of Virtual Events

If you're trying to understand the different types of virtual events, be sure to consider the information above. While there are other types of virtual events that you can host, virtual conferences, webinars, and hybrid events are some of the most popular options.

If you want to host a great virtual event, you need professional production. Be sure to contact us today to learn how we can help.

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