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Virtual Event Best Practices

Recent statistics reveal that in the past year, 20% of trade shows are organizing their event as virtual events. Further, as of 2021, approximately one-third of trade shows around the globe are preparing for hybrid events.

Virtual events are growing in demand, even after things are settling down from COVID-19. There are other issues to consider for physical events, such as travel issues, delays, and the cost of travel.

If you are planning an event, know that virtual events are here to stay. Now, you must focus on virtual event best practices to set your event up for success!

When hosting a virtual event, you want to make sure that you plan it in a way to get the best ROI. Keep reading to discover the secrets to successful virtual events.

Virtual Event Tips

The best virtual events take planning with a few simple steps. Here are some great best practices to follow.

Test Technology Before the Event

No matter the technology you leverage, you need to know how to work it, and you want to test it before the event. Not just one time, either. Schedule several technology checks in advance.

It is incredibly frustrating when hiccups arrive at go live, especially if it is simply user error or misunderstanding. Plus, as the host, if you are struggling with your setup, including your webcam and microphone, it will reflect poorly on your event to the audience. It can hurt future opportunities too, so plan well in advance to avoid this type of dilemma.

Schedule Interesting Speakers

What is great about hosting digital events is that you can ask anyone who has the internet and a device to attend around the world! This means you can find speakers from anywhere around the globe, too. However, just because the world is your oyster, you do not need to choose any speaker you find.

Choose carefully, accepting speakers that will add value to your event.

Your audience is coming to your virtual event to find something new, learn something, meet new people, and have fun. The speakers need to present on topics that interest your audience, and they must deliver their message in a way that people will respond to.

When you are vetting speakers, ask for references and sample videos of watching them present, besides places they have spoken before. You want to make sure the speaker you choose has the experience and audiences have received their presentations well.

Potential speakers may have surveys too, on hand, from previous events where the audiences rated their presentations.

Generate Leads as Soon as Possible

Planning a virtual event means investing a lot of time to make things perfect. What happens if you have planned everything perfectly, and no one comes to the live event? This is not a good ROI, is it?

Get the word out about your conference as early as possible. Do not delay and keep promoting it until the very last hour. There are many resources you can leverage, such as your blog, press releases, social media, newsletters, and email marketing.

Just as important is to have the next step after the event is over. You have lots of attendee data, how do you plan to use it?

Make It Human

To make your virtual event stand out, it must resemble the in-person experience. While it is virtual and you are not physically all together in one location, you do not want an event that seems “cold” from each other.

It must be interactive and engaging. This means adding group chats, face-to-face meetings, videos, music, taking part in surveys, contests, and more.

Virtual Event Best Practices

With these virtual event best practices, it will make the process of planning your virtual event a lot simpler and more successful!

At Parasol Video, that is what we focus on. We want you to have a successful event. We commit to you and virtual events around the world, providing the best service possible to professionals like you.

Discover how you can make your virtual event successful. Book a meeting with us now.

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